Vee-Hive is a free and powerful collection management tool specifically designed to facilitate the classification and retrieval of video content. Its powerful feature-set makes it an ideal solution for cataloguing large collections across multiple storage devices.

Through its easy-to-use interface, it is possible to quickly and easily locate any file in your collection and play it back.

With Vee-Hive, you can*:

• Auto-create a Library, including thumbnail generation

• Browse your Library via multiple layouts

• Perform advanced Tagging, using hierarchies, links and synonyms (tag your tags!)

• Perform complex, compound searches (combine anything with anything!)

• Browse and filter via an interactive Tag Cloud

• Create and playback ‘highlight’ segments from your files

• Publish all or part of a Library as a PDF file

• Interact with other programs through customisable menus

• Create dynamic playlists

• Generate Story Board images

• View and manage your Library from your armchair via its HTPC mode

• Use your preferred Media Player

*Some features are only available in the Pro version of Vee-Hive. Read more here

Vee-Hive is a Direct Show-based application and works on all versions of Windows after, and including, XP.